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Book Boxes

Each book box features as signed hardcover with dust jacket, and an elegant case design beneath the jacket, book swag and a luxe wood wick candle.


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Book Candles

All natural, soy wax candles with re-useable glass tumbler. Hand poured in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Chronicles of the Four Worlds

When the Green People awaken an age old evil, they ignite the flame in the war between the mortals and immortals.

The consequences are felt through the Four Worlds, from the rise of the Five Warriors in the Western World to the whirlwind quest of the Blended Ones in the Eastern World.

But there is only one who can stop the turn of the tide and the rise of the Changers. Eliesmore.

Reading Order

The Five Warriors
Prison in the Sky
The Blended Ones
A Seed of Hope
The Green Stone
The Jeweled Sword

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Chronicles of the Four Worlds