Epic Fantasy

Dark & Romantic

Featuring sea creatures, multi points of view, political intrigue, dark and light magic, a conflicted bounty hunter, a determined nymph, a shy librarian, an unfriendly jinn. Magic abounds when you grab this series. Perfect for fans of epic fantasy who also enjoy some steamy romance.

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Reader Favorite

This is the book for you if you enjoy a strong female lead who is an anti-hero along with an impossible question, dark fae, orcs and goblins, dragons and romance.

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Dark Epic Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

Coming of Age Fantasy

Warrior. Princess. Ancient Magic.

A dark coming of age tales featuring a warriors princess set in an immersive fantasy world. Fans of dark fantasy, slow burn romance, Celtic mythology and magical creatures will be enthralled by this adventure.

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Adult Fairy Tales

Dark fairy tales featuring women with magic and the handsome men they encounter. Each short story includes an enchanted forest and at least one steamy scene. Recommended for 18+.

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Fairy Tale Romance

Coming of Age Epic Fantasy

Enemies-to-lovers adventure fantasy

Legend of the Nameless One is a 5-book complete epic fantasy series. Featuring a hot-headed enchantress who tames mythical beasts and a cold wizard who is curious about mortals and has a dark past. You'll enjoy these stories which feature a sarcastic dragon, powerful magic, a strong female lead, under water world people, undead and shifters.

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