tales of the enchAnted wildWood

Magic & romance for adults

Each tale can be read as a stand-alone and features a different interracial couple. With a hint of Celtic mythology, these dark and steamy short stories are sure to leave you longing for your own adventure within the enchanted wildwood.

Most Popular Epic Fantasy Series

Night of the Dark Fae – Book 1

Maeve of Carn is a warrior of warriors, but she’s no hero.

Legend of the Nameless One – Book 1

A feisty enchantress. A mysterious wizard. A sarcastic dragon.

What others are saying

{"If you love epic adventures with deep emotionally charges characters you're going to love this series. Pure badassary."
{“This isn’t a fluffy Fae adventure.The dark twisted Fae that you know to avoid start this epic quest off right."
{"This story contains a lot of action, twists and turns, hints of love interests, soul searching, double dealing and even some humorous moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it."
{"I wish I could put into better words just how much I loved this and how brilliant this is. I'm excited to have found this author and will be buying everything she's written. SO FREAKING GOOD!!!"

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Preview: Secrets of the Lore Keepers (A Fairy Tale Romance)

Preview: Secrets of the Lore Keepers (A Fairy Tale Romance)

Secrets of the Lore Keepers. Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood Book 5. Each tale can be read as a stand-alone. About the Book: Only a Lore Keeper can prevent the rise of the goddess. . . In ancient days, Lore Keepers were known for their power to keep evil at bay. But...

Music that inspired the Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy

Music that inspired the Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy

There are usually two things I need when writing. One is a comfortable spot to sit and the second is music. My emotions are swayed by epic music, and if I have the right epic music, the words flow without stopping. For the Night of the Dark Fae Series there were two...

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Angela J. Ford is a bestselling epic fantasy author who has sold over 30,000 copies and has had over 10 million page reads in Kindle Unlimited. Her books have been ranked bestsellers in multiple categories.

She enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing World of Warcraft with her husband. First and foremost, Angela is a reader and can often be found with her nose in a book.

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