Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed).
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed).
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed).
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed)
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed)
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed)
Zoom Song of the Dawn (Autographed)

Song of the Dawn (Autographed)

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A haunted inn. A magical violin. An intriguing innkeeper. Get ready for a smoldering romance you’ll want to devour in one sitting.

Legend tells of a sacred land shrouded by the obscure, where the barrier between worlds is thin, and strange things happen without rhyme or reason. Mila, a budding violinist, is unaware of these myths when she accepts a job at a remote inn called the Dawn.

Awed by the atmospheric location, Mila begins work, only to discover nothing is as it seems. Haunted by unsettling vestiges, mysterious disappearances, and the lure of a magical song, Mila takes it upon herself to unravel the secrets of the inn. And its handsome innkeeper.

Mila knows she should stay away from him, but every time he appears, her resolve weakens. 

Fate may have brought them together but just as romance blooms, she discover his ghastly secret. 

He’s the harbinger of darkness, and standing by his side is a dangerous choice between life and something much worse than death. . .

Song of the Dawn is a complete, stand-alone novel. Perfect for fans of adult fantasy romance who enjoy gothic suspense, ancient lore, and plenty of steamy romance. This book contains mature scenes. Recommend for 18+. 

Song of the Dawn is a 5x8 inch book with 400 pages. The hardcover includes a dust jacket with the couple a design underneath. Please visit Amazon for the ebook or audiobook.

Each order comes with an art print, bookmark + magnet. 

Inside the Book Box

+ Autographed book (choose a paperback or hardcover)
+ Art Print
+ Bookmark
+ 11 oz Coffee Mug (dishwasher and microwave safe)
+ 8 oz Candle (a blend of pine and balsam with leather, berries, amber & vanilla)

Song of the Dawn (Autographed)


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Melissa Miller
It’s so pretty

I haven’t read it yet, but Intend to after I have finished the book I am currently working on, I have no doubt in the slightest that I will love it just as much as the first book

A beautiful dark fairy tail!

I really loved this book. A romance about a girl with purple hair and a love for music and an immortal struggling with a dark assignment. Situated in an inn far from everyday world. A dark fairy tale unfolds. Romance is in the air and music plays an important role in the roller coaster finale of the book.

I received an ARC and offer my opinion freely.

Jackie Tansky

Absolutely outstanding. Loved Mila and everything about her. An intriguing Inn, a different violin and perhaps a bit of romance Don’t miss out

Enjoyable Read

Song of the Dawn by Angela J Ford is Book 2 in the Tower Knights series. The world building is excellent and the characters well developed and unique. Example Mila and her purple hair. Angela's writing pulled you into the story so you could experience what was happening. I wanted to rate this at 4.5 but that is not available. Received an ARC and this is my voluntary review.

Ana-Maria Derzsi
Amazing read!

◦ I've received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ◦

Song of the Dawn has been an interesting read for me. It's been a long while since I've read a NA book entwined with fantasy and mystery.

The mystery from this book has been really delicious, especially with the spooky season and that gloomy feeling that I feel all around me. The NA part of this book has been spicy! I can't say it has been very smutty but I can say that it will make you blush. Even tho I'm not a shy person whenever I read some more naughty things in books I always find myself getting a little bit shy.

The pace of the book has been pretty slow till towards the end when things started catching a faster pace. The pace of the book didn't affect my pleasure of reading, in fact, I've found it perfect for this type of story for the pace to be a little bit slower. I didn't feel there is any character development because the heroine didn't have to go through a lot of life experiences to need to change and grow, but I loved the fact she didn't cower when was faced with different situations and just put her big girl pants and fought through it. And I really loved the fact she wasn't shy of letting her desires show, she knew what she wanted when she wanted and that was an empowering thing because even girls love sex and I loved that from the book.

There were a couple of moments where I couldn't get those butterflies or those big emotions that will shake me to my core and I had trouble with that a little bit because I'm big on feeling my character's feelings and just immerse myself into the story and lose myself - which happened, but I felt a little bit disconnected on some instances when came to their feelings. Overall I loved the story and is such a great book to read during October.


Do hardcovers come with a dust jacket?

Music of the Night, Song of the Dawn and Treachery of Water all come with dust jackets. The pretty design displays underneath.

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