The Complete Four Worlds Series Books 1-4

A deep evil awakened. An ancient power stolen. The fate of the world at stake.

When the Green People awaken an age old evil, they ignite the flame in the war between the mortals and immortals.

The consequences are felt through the Four Worlds, from the rise of the Five Warriors in the Western World to the whirlwind quest of the Blended Ones in the Eastern World.

This unforgettable adventure combines bravery, epic battles, romance, magic, mayhem, mortals, immortals and the revelation of a deadly secret which will haunt the world for an eternity.

Books in this series

TFW ebook
TBO ebook
Eliesmore ebook
EJS ebook
Prison in the Sky ebook cover final

Prison in the Sky (Novella)

(best read after The Five Warriors)


Myran (novella)

Best read before Eliesmore

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