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Prison in the Sky (Signed) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author
Prison in the Sky (Signed) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author
Prison in the Sky (Signed) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

Prison in the Sky (Signed)

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The portals opened. Poison seeped in. The world changed forever.

After the war, Marklus the Healer is confronted by a murder, a curse and falling in love with the King’s exquisite—and 

Marklus is desperate to restore his land from a deadly poison using his gift—the power of life and death. But Marklus can't go home, he has a promise to keep. He must travel east with his best friend, Crinte the Wise, to heal the immortal people that dwell in the sky.

However, Marklus soon discovers the kingdom in the sky is a tomb of death, full of mist and shadows. The immortals are hiding a 
terrible secret and escape will cost more than his life.

Torn between the pull of his homeland and the king’s enchanting daughter, a revelation regarding his gift—or curse—of life and death forces Marklus to choose between love or returning home.

Will Marklus escape from the immortals?

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5. Romance with strong content (on page sex & tame descriptions)

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Prison in the Sky (Signed)

$14.99 Regular price