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Of Fae and Flame (ebook).

Of Fae and Flame


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He’s an immortal fae knight, she’s a cursed warrior. To save their people from annihilation, they must go where the living have never gone before. 

Every few years, the swarm comes, a terrifying pestilence that consumes the living. One sting from the deadly creatures brings not death but something much worse. . .

Every few years, Rainer, a fae knight sworn to protect the mountains, prepares his people to lose everything. 

No one knows why the swarm comes, and no one can stop it.

Except for her. 

Zelma is a warrior, sent to find the legendary firedrakes in the mountain. Instead, she’s attacked by the swarm and left to die. 

When she awakens in the hall of the fae knight, she’s determined to continue her quest. 

However, the sting has changed her, and new, frightening abilities awaken. 

Afraid of becoming the target of the fae knight’s wrath, she fights to control her magic as they travel into the heart of the mountains.  

Will Rainer and Zelma save their people? Or will her magic kill them first? 

Of Fae and Flame is a complete, stand-alone short story set in the Nomadia universe. 


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My mind reeled. She’d just tried to kill me. Her eyes had been wild, as if she hadn’t known what she was doing, as if something had taken over her body.
Stunned, I picked her blades out of the dirt, the sticky green-and-yellow blood still dripping off them. The scent of death hung like rot, and I knew what I needed to do next. It was what I should have done when I’d first laid eyes on her: plunge a blade into her heart and put her out of her misery.

Of Fae and Flame