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Curse of the Healer (ebook) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

Curse of the Healer (ebook)


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Cursed magic, a handsome woodcutter and an enchanted forest.

Talia is a renowned healer, until one fateful night. Death, instead of life, flows from her fingers.

Devastated by her bad luck, Talia drinks to evade her misery.

When a handsome woodcutter offers to help her, Talia agrees to bargain with the Queen of the Wildwood.

But bad luck follows Talia into the forest and her journey turns into a race to save the man she loves before death befalls them both. . .

Curse of the Healer is the second tale in a series of stand-alone adult fairy tales blending fantasy action-adventure with steamy fantasy romance.

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Note: This ebook is included in the Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood Collectors Edition.


Unrequited love

Content Rating

6. Romance with stronger content (on page sex & tame descriptions)

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“Why?” I breathed. “Why do you want to help me?” 

He stood a step forward, tentative at first, then growing bold he continued until he stood only a breath away from me. His proximity forced me to look up into his wide-set face where his eyes misted over. One of his hands reached out and his fingers brushed my arm. Even though I wore long sleeves, a shiver of desire went up my spine and resistance melted away like fog under the heat of the sun. My breath caught in my throat at the look he gave me, and for just a moment, his gaze flickered to my lips. His fingers closed around my arm, gentle, yet strong. 
When he spoke, the heat of his breath warmed my lips.

“Because I care, Talia. I’ve always cared, and it grieves me to see you so unhappy. I would see you smile again, hear you laugh and dance, carefree, with no worries.”

Curse of the Healer (ebook)