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Magical and intense

This is one of my favorite books in the series. I loved the action in the one, and the ending was so magical and peaceful, and just beautiful. I can’t wait for the next series now that I’m all caught up.

This was wonderful. Enjoying every minute of it!❤️❤️

This candle is awesome I love the way it smells

I really enjoyed getting my box of books. Now time to read them that's the fun.

If I’m being honest, the reason these books caught my eye was seeing the book covers with the main characters… a woman of color and a Caucasian man. I’m of a mixed race so it appealed to me. It was a plus to find out these are fantasy romance! I bought these to keep me company on my flights. Now that I’m back at work, I loathe to put my book down when my breaks are over.
Also, these stickers are just SUPER CUTE!!!

Melody of Midnight
Krissey Perkins P.

This book was so good, definitely one you can read in one sitting!
The only thing I wish it had was more pov of Zekiel!
The love story is super cute! I love all of the characters from other Tower Knights books! (Also, I'm pretty sure the two main friends helping out where from "Realm of Beast" ) and I really loved them so I will definitely be checking out those books soon!
The spice was nice 👌 not too much to over saturate the main story but just enough to drool over Zekiel everytime he was alone with Celeste 🤤 LOL
Highly recommend

Beautiful book , I love it .

I FREAKIN’ loved what I got! Not only I got it earlier I did get the gorgeous pin, overlay, and the art print. Love, love, love! I can’t wait to read it. 🥰

Freaking stunning

Of Fae and Flame
Chelsea H.

Zelma is on a voyage to request help from a neighboring tribe but they’re attacked by massive flying insects monsters.

Rainer is the king who keeps his people locked up safe when the swarm of monsters flies through. When he investigates to see if the attack is over, a lone survivor remains, someone who should be dead from the sting- Zelma.

Why hasn’t Zelma transformed into the mutant? How will Rainer supply crops for his people now that the two weeks of darkness has killed their only source of food?

There were moments when I wanted more explanation and for things to slow down so I could emotionally invest.
Basically I liked the world building concepts and action packed scenes so much I wanted it to be a full length novel.

What I’m unsure about is how Zelma & Rainer are depicted in the Lore of Nomadia trilogy. If I started reading Treachery of Water, is it linear with this story and the same characters or not?

I want to thank Angela for this advanced copy. This book starts off with Oren from Lured by the Dusk, which is my favorite in the series. Next we see Celeste running for her life and ends up in the arms of Zekiel. There were so many secrets in this book, it was scandalous. I knew I didn’t like Hada. She seemed all too eager to make a deal with Celeste. And Vivian? I knew there was more motive behind her actions.

I did love all the friends that Celeste made like Yosa and Petra. Irradiance looked enchanting (I tend to picture things in my head, and Angela does a wonderful job of paining pictures with her words). The jewels and gems, the gardens of jewels and gems. Bewitching to say the least.

Last but not least, the spice. The scene on the greenhouse had my shifting in bed. And then when he took her against a tree and in the treasury. Angela writes spice so sensual and enticing, and what I love most is that it tends to cater to the woman’s pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, the men are pleasured too, but it’s more geared towards the women, and I love that.

Lured by the Dusk
Miracle M.

I love this book, & this book box so, so much. It's all so perfect. The bookmark, stickers, & candle are amazing. But the print, the book itself, & especially the quote card are so beautiful. I am so happy that I got this book box, I am so happy with all of it. I highly recommend this book box, as well as the others.

What a beautiful book an awesome story. Getting anything from Angela is wonderful. I highly recommend buying any book series from her, but more importantly, this series is great! (Not so) patiently waiting for book three!

I love the storyline and mystery of the characters!!! ❤️❤️❤️

This candle smells so good and I didn't even light it up yet and it has my room smelling wonderful 👍

I am so in love with this book, & all of the additions. The candle, the stickers, the art card, & the bookmark, they are all so beautiful. The book itself was absolutely amazing. I was so caught up in the story that I literally could not put it down. I finished it all the same day I got it, & I regret nothing. I will definitely be buying more book boxes, because they are so worth it in my opinion & I love them.

Absolutely wonderful read! I immediately bought the second book. The story and world building is so enthralling and all the characters have such different strengths. I’ve been recommending the book to a lot of folks that love a good story, some lovin’ and all fantasy.

Absolutely gorgeous items! The book was so enjoyable, a wonderfully romantic tale that was perfect for the holiday season. So much love and effort went into creating the book box, I was literally blown away. The artwork was beautiful and the candle smells divine. Thank you so much Angela! I look forward to more amazing book boxes in the future. Love from the UK. Xx

It was a beautiful book. This rendition of an age old story is an amazing journey of whimsy, magic, and adventure but a tense journey of mystery. I also loved the generous goodies that came with the book box ❤️

I got this book on a Friday and was instantly hooked! Half way through the book I immediately ordered the second in the series. The characters and writing were excellent, and if you like a wee bit of romance interlaced with action, this is your book. I typically don't gravitate toward romance, but this series it made it seem natural and a part of the story, not what the story was completely focused on. It seemed like natural progression for the characters. I've recommended this book to a lot of folks!

Lured by the Dusk
Melissa A.

I was soo excited to receive them!! I got the second book as a gift and I just can’t wait to read this book!! The books, bookmark, and the art print was soooooo beautiful. It was like treasure in my hands. 😁😁

Of Fae and Flame
Melissa A.

I love the story! I liked the fact that the story smooth into it and the ending was a beautiful touch!! ♥️

When I tell you, I have loved everything that Angela had written!
Ulika wants to stop the sand devils from ruining her home, so she heads to the mountains where she is not to go. Vinn is the wind who has been with her for so long, even when he traveled as human he was with her tribe.

Come to find out both of them are responsible for the sand devils so they are forced to be married by Justice and given three months to destroy the sand devils and the curse is broken, they’ll go their separate ways.

I feel like they were meant for each other beside him being a wind god and her being a fire mage even though she didn’t know it until it came time to defeat the sand devils.

Tallen is a ole hater, taking matters into his own hands and he got what he deserved.

I love that Justice saw how truly in love Vinn and Ulika were and gave them a fate that allowed them to be together.

I loved this book so much! I adore Phantom of the Opera and this was a great twist on the story by giving it more of a fantasy feel. I fell in love with Aria and Uriah quickly, their chemistry was amazing and Uriah is now my perfect book Looking forward to the other books in this series!

If you didn't think the North Pole and Yuletide lore could be turned into a steamy romance; YOU ARE WRONG because Angela has done it! This story captures the magic of Christmas and the allure of winter. The main characters are very relatable and genuine. I love how "love" is represented in this story as truly selfless. It beautifully depicts that despite the mistakes you may have made, you are still worthy of love and happiness. If you love Christmas, spice, and everything nice...THIS IS FOR YOU!


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