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Chronicles of the Four Worlds (Books 1-6) - Signed - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

Chronicles of the Four Worlds (Books 1-6) - Signed


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Readers have described the series as “magical”. One reviewer described the writing as “impeccable”, and with over 300 combined reviews on Amazon, this is a series you don’t want to miss.

The Five Warriors

Crinte the Wise is concerned when mutilated monsters enter the borders of his country, raiding and killing. But he remains at a loss of what to do until a former friend with a dark secret appears. He offers Crinte a powerful relic which contains the magic of mind control.

Prison in the Sky

After the war, Marklus the Healer is confronted by a murder, a curse and falling in love with the King’s exquisite—and forbidden—daughter.

The Blended Ones

A new breed is growing, hiding under dark and shadow. But the people groups of the Eastern World are too involved in petty battles to take much notice. But what they fail to realize is who is behind this new breed and what they seek to unleash with it.

A Seed of Hope

A haunting, emotional tale about the choices a young woman takes in a world full of terror and hopelessness.

The Green Stone

Run, run as fast as you can. Never stop.

Changers have arisen, wreaking havoc as they harvest the world, searching for the Green Stone. The South World sinks in despair, holding its breath, waiting for the One.

The Jeweled Sword

This unforgettable adventure combines bravery, epic battles, romance, magic, mayhem, mortals, immortals and the revelation of a deadly secret which will haunt the world for an eternity.

Will Eliesmore save the world from dark forces of evil? Or will he become the evil he’s fighting to save the world from?

Grab a copy of this classic epic fantasy adventure and discover the truth.

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The Five Warriors
Prison in the Sky
The Blended Ones
A Seed of Hope
The Green Stone
The Jeweled Sword


Chosen One
Reluctant hero
Evil overlord
Found family
Magical weapons

Content Rating

4. Romance with a bit more moderate content (fade to black sex, no sex on the page)

Preview the Book

“Are there beings with the ability to shift forms?” he asked.

She reached out a hand to caress his serious face and laughed lightly. “Why would you ask me that?”

“Tell me, would I know if I saw one?”

“You are serious.” She stood, letting the moonlight filter through the waves of her waist-length hair.

“Changers are old beings from the beginning of time, the last scraps of the creator’s spark which formed this world. You would be unlikely to meet one, for they are above us: too distinguished to flirt with the people groups and too haughty to lower themselves to live with the immortals.”

Her long fingers rested on the balcony, gripping it tightly as she continued. “If you ever met one, it would be unexplainable. They have two forms, which makes them indestructible. One is physical, and another is spirit.”

“Would you know if you met a Changer?” he pressed. “Are they dangerous?”

She laughed again, her voice rippling gently through the air like the tinkling of silver bells on a crisp night. “Dangerous? There are no creatures in the world more powerful or dangerous.”

“What if I met a Changer? What should I do?”

She turned back to him, bending to take his face in her hands. Her intense gaze met his questioning eyes. “Run as fast as you can, and never stop.”

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Chronicles of the Four Worlds (Books 1-6) - Signed