Where to start. . . 

Curious about my books but don’t know where to start? Use this guide to help you choose your next fantasy story!

Epic Fantasy

Genre: Classic/Epic Fantasy

For fans of: Lord of the Rings

Includes: magical weapons, mortals, immortals, swords, sorcery, monsters, good versus evil extensive worldbuilding, diverse characters, Chosen One

Genre: Epic Fantasy Adventure

For fans of: enemies-to-lovers

Includes: an enchantress, a wizard, a sarcastic dragon, griffins, water monsters, under water world people, undead, shifters

Genre: Epic/Adventure Fantasy

For fans of: female leads and treasure hunters

Includes: fae, orcs, goblins, dragons, anti-heroes, magic, romance

Genre: Coming of Age Fantasy

For fans of: warrior princesses and royalty

Includes: Celtic Mythology, gods & goddesses, ancient magic

Genre: Epic/Romantic Fantasy

For fans of: short stories

Includes: fae, magic, survival

Genre: Epic/Adventure Fantasy

For fans of: World of Warcraft

Includes: nymphs, fauns, bounty hunters, humans, magical books, elemental magic & romance

Fantasy Romance

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance, Short Stories

For fans of: fairy tales, dark fantasy, steamy romance

Includes: female lead, enchanted forests, magic, romance

Steam Level: PG-13

Genre: Adult Fantasy Romance

For fans of: Phantom of the Opera, dark fantasy, steamy romance, gothic romance

Includes: forbidden romance, paranormal romance, gothic setting, mystery & suspense

Steam Level: R

Genre: Fantasy romance, Short Stories

For fans of: stolen brides, fae, winter-themed stories, fantasy romance

Includes: female lead, magic, romance

Steam Level: PG

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