Welcome to my Fantasy-Themed Book Blog
Angela J. Ford
October 24, 2018
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Hello Readers,

Welcome to my brand new fantasy-themed book blog!

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you may recall this used to be the domain for my book marketing blog. Have no fear, my book marketing blog is still live, it’s just moved to a new domain. You can find all posts here: www.angelajfordmarketing.com. If you’re looking for something specific on that site, please use the search icon in the navigation menu.

If you’re new to this site, welcome! Here’s a bit about me.

First off, I’m a 30-something best selling epic fantasy author. I hand wrote my first novel when I was twelve years old, during a summer when I was bored. I know boredom might seem foreign for you, but when you’re home-schooled and only need to do school for about 4 hours a day, you get bored and have to improvise.

Aside from writing, I’m pretty much your average entrepreneur. I’m quite curious and like trying my hand at new things. However, after my little dive into writing I decided to become a musician and turned my energies to learning how to play guitar. I have a degree in Entertainment and Music Business which I don’t use now. It’s funny how life keeps throwing twists into my planning.

Instead of becoming a rock star, I’m an author. I also build websites and help authors with book marketing. Honestly, I seriously enjoy the technical aspects of marketing and all sorts of nerdy things.

On a more personal level, I get my inspiration from hiking and traveling both domestically and internationally. I met my boyfriend, the love of my life, in winter of 2017 and cannot imagine a more perfect relationship. Seriously, why did no one tell me relationships are so perfectly amazing?

I digress, enough about me, let’s dive into books!

A few reasons I started this blog:

  1. To share personal notes about myself and my writing. You’ll find this categorized under Author Notes.
  2. To provide insights into books I’ve read, absolutely loved and think you should read too. You’ll find these under Book Reviews. 
  3. To chat with fellow authors. News flash, I dearly love chatting with authors so I’ll have my podcast live pretty soon. I’ll try my best to have a great combination of text, audio and video. For the most part, you’ll find these things under Author Interviews.

Among these things, I’ll be sharing my fantasy books. At the time of writing this post I have seven fantasy books out. If you’ve never read my work, I recommend starting out with one of these books.

fourworldsbox-finalThe Complete Four Worlds Series (Books 1-4)

Cover design by Hell Yes Design Studio

When the Green People awaken an age old evil, they ignite the flame in the war between the mortals and immortals.

The consequences are felt through the Four Worlds, from the rise of the Five Warriors in the Western World to the whirlwind quest of the Blended Ones in the Eastern World.

But there is only one who can stop the turn of the tide and the rise of the Changers…

Download Now.

Fair warning: I tend to write the way I run. I start out slow and steady and get faster as the book hurls to an end. I learned this kind of writing from reading thrillers.

As an aside, you don’t have to start out reading The Four Worlds. My second series is well underway and can be read as a stand alone. Plus, I just wanted to take a moment to show off this amazing cover!

1-Realm-of-Beasts-final-front-cover-for-previewRealm of Beasts: Legend of the Nameless One Book One

Cover Design by Amalia Chitulescu Digital Art

A feisty enchantress. A mysterious wizard. A sarcastic dragon. From the international best selling author of The Four Worlds comes a tale of mischief and mayhem.

Will the Nameless One save Paradise or destroy it to welcome an era of peace?

Immerse yourself in a tale of the balance between good and evil with mythical beasts sprinkled in.

Download Now

Thank you for reading this blog post. You can sign up to receive updates by clicking here. I’ll also send you my free short story, Citrine’s Monsters. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, but I hope you will become part of this bookish community.

Leave a comment. Share a random fact about you and what are you reading now.

AJF - Welcome to My Fantasy Themed Book Blog


  1. Jackie

    Love the books.

    • angelajford

      Thank you! I’m so happy to hear this!

  2. Ian Titler

    Random fact I was bullied badly as a child, book reading now, Luck is not a factor, in Chris Kennedy/Mark Wandrey’s 4 horsemen universe.I love reading, almost anything will do. SciFi, SciFantasy, I grew up reading Andre Norton, Asimov etc, watching Star Trek, then EE “doc” Smith’s Skylark and Lensmen series, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern, David’s Gemmel and Eddings and Star Wars and Eragon. You can go to so many places, experience so many things, in a book


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