Deadly magic, a handsome knight, and an evil queen.

Queen of the wildwood

Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood – 1

Deadly magic, a handsome knight, and an evil queen.

Yula is a mage, but her volatile magic brings nothing but unhappiness.

After the death of her beloved sister, she is sentenced to serve the Sisters of the Light who use their powers to protect villagers from the enchanted wildwood.

When a fatal accident places the town in grave danger, Yula has no choice but to find the only person who can help her—the legendary and evil Dark Queen.

Guided by a handsome knight, Yula travels into the treacherous forest, unaware that her choice will have dire consequences for herself, the knight, and the Queen of the Wildwood.

Queen of the Wildwood is the first tale in a series of stand-alone adult fairy tales blending fantasy action-adventure with steamy romance.

Previously published as Knight of the Dark Queen in the Once Upon an Enchanted Forest Anthology. Now unavailable.

Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood

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