Stolen Brides of the Fae
Angela J. Ford
April 1, 2021
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Stolen Brides. Desperate Fae. Love that can change the fate of worlds. 

About the Series

What happens when a stubborn farm girl is forced to marry a dying elf king or lose her own life?

Or when a young mage discovers she’s the fated love of her mortal enemy?

What happens when a tortured trickster finds he’s haunted by the dreams of a girl in a cage?

Or when a courageous twin takes her sister’s place to thwart the plans of a murderous prince?

Romance abounds when you pick up the Stolen Brides of the Fae series!

Featuring bestselling authors of your favorite YA and NA romantic fantasy:

  • Emma Hamm
  • Sylvia Mercedes
  • Tara Grayce
  • S.M. Gaither
  • Angela J. Ford
  • Clare Sager
  • Kenley Davidson
  • Sarah K.L. Wilson.

Get ready to be swept away in eight breathtaking adventures featuring plucky leading ladies, conflicted leading men, and guaranteed Happily Ever Afters!

View All Stolen Brides Books here.

My contribution to the series is Stolen Ice Bride.

Stolen Brides backofthebook angela

When spring breaks the unforgiving grip of winter, the mages arrive to steal a bride. . .

Solvay is known for her talents with mixing potions, but she hides a treacherous power. She’s avoided the watchful eyes of the mages until now. . .

When Solvay is chosen as a bride for the mage king, she’s terrified he’ll discover her secret and use it to bring war to the northern lands.

To protect the people she flees only to fall into the hands of a ruthless ice lord. He intends to use her as a hostage to secure peace between the mages and ice lords.

As Solvay travels into the heart of the mountains with the ice lord, she discovers there’s more to him than his savage ways.

But even love can’t change the course of fate. To prevent a war, she’ll sacrifice herself to save the man she loves. . .

This is the fifth installment of  STOLEN BRIDES OF THE FAE, a series of stand-alone short novels written by various romantic fantasy authors who share a passion for fantastical love stories.

Pre-order Stolen Ice Bride (ebook)

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