Realm of Beasts Audiobook Release and how to get a Free Download
Angela J. Ford
November 9, 2018
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Realm of Beasts Audiobook is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Realm of Beasts is the opening act of the epic fantasy series, Legend of the Nameless One. After spending time writing the Four Worlds Series which is long and intense, I decided to write a fun action/adventure series.

Legend of the Nameless One features shorter books and has a focus on mythical beasts. While many books focus on dragons, I wanted to featured some of the under-appreciated mythical beasts including water monsters and griffins.

The two main characters of the series are Citrine the Enchantress and Tor Lir the Wizard. Tor Lir has a mysterious background but if you’ve read the Four Worlds Series you know who he is and exactly who his parents are. But you don’t have to read the series for further background.

If you want to know when the Legend of the Nameless One series takes place in relation to the Four Worlds, check out the Timeline. It will give you guide so you’re aware of the timing between books.

How to get Realm of Beasts for Free

No doubt you’re interested in how to get the audiobook for free. If you’ve never downloaded an audiobook from audible, congratulations, you’re eligible. Use the links below to get your free audiobook.

Download from Audible US

Download from Audible UK

Realm of Beasts Audiobook Release


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