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Music of the Night (Special Edition)


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Phantom of the Opera meets Beauty and the Beast in this gothic-inspired dark fantasy romance. 

A haunted tower, a mysterious instructor, and the lure of the music of the night. . .

After the death of her father, Aria is left penniless and destitute. To avoid working the streets, she becomes the ward of a Count and moves to a remote town called High Tower.

High Tower is a gloomy place with one vivid attraction: the theater. Lords and ladies come from afar to be seduced by a night of unforgettable entertainment.

Many are warned to stay away from High Tower’s dangerous enchantments, but it’s a warning Aria is forced to ignore. Determined to take her life back into her hands, she and the Count make a deal. She can avoid an arranged marriage if she learns to sing for him.

When Aria stumbles across a mysterious man in a dark tower, she begs to learn the power of song from him. Although reluctant, the man agrees to teach her the music of the night. Between midnight meetings and emotional singing lessons, Aria falls in love with her alluring instructor despite his shadowy past.

But something deadly stirs, awoken by the desire of its master.

Evening reveries become haunted with terror, blood, and murder. Rumors claim the man in the tower is behind the madness that haunts High Tower, a truth Aria is loath to believe. For she just gained the desire of her heart.

What she doesn’t know is that her haunted instructor intends to use her for his own purposes. . .

Music of the Night is a complete, stand-alone novel inspired by Phantom of the Opera. Perfect for fans of dark and steamy fantasy romance. 

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forced proximity
forbidden love
possessive male
dark magic

Content Rating

8. Romance with more intense content (multiple sex scenes with explicit descriptions)

Preview the Book

The first note pierced the silence as the orchestra warmed up. First the strings, their mellow tones drawn out and haunting, followed by the chords of the piano and chimes. The audience filtered in, ladies dressed in fine gowns, their fingers and necks covered in the glitter of sparkling jewels. Lords escorted them—dressed in their best, each carrying a rose for their ladies—and yet some wore masks to hide their faces for what was to come. 

I stepped farther back into the shadow of the black drapery, although no one would see me, hidden in my perch in the back of the theater. Lifting a spy glass to my good eye, I took in the stage and waited. A cocktail of scents wafted past me; the choking smoke of cigars mixed with the floral fragrance of perfume. No expense had been spared in the grand hall, decked with shades of crimson, curtains of velvet black and gold, shimmering crystals.

Hushed chatter filled the air as the audience took their seats, the hum of excitement potent as they waited to be seduced by the magic of the theater. Opening night was the highlight of the theater, a fresh performance with exotic dancers and throaty singers giving a parody of life. I cared naught for such amusement, but I needed one of them for my plans. 

Shifting to a more comfortable position, I brushed at the mask biting into my skin. The faint itch of my scars reminded me that hiding my loneliness and pain was no longer an option. My patience had run dry, forcing me to act. My song was ready, all I needed to do was find a singer—a strong one—cast a spell, and the rest would fall into place. 

Aside from whispered prayers, they’d forgotten me, the one who haunted the tower, who brought chaos and terror into their lives. I’d returned in secret to haunt their steps, to make them realize that all along, this place was mine. I was its master, and it was time to take my freedom.

The first song began, casting a hypnotic spell over the audience. They fell silent and the dancers swayed on the stage. One caught my eye, hair as dark as a raven with long limbs accenting graceful movements. She was too far away to see clearly, yet her movements made her stand out from the others. While she danced in sync to the music, her eyes darted about the stage, and she missed a step or two. I wondered what drew her attention, and why she was not as dedicated to the dance as the others. A heaviness pinched my chest and I sighed. If I were a normal human, like the lords and ladies who filled the hall, I’d go up to her after the performance, introduce myself and woo her.

But tonight my purpose transcended the mundane, and I needed a singer, not a dancer. Still, watching her eased the ragged edges of pain that plagued my soul and increased my resolve. I would move heaven and earth to earn a chance to live life, like the mortals.

Music of the Night (Special Edition)


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