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A Seed of Hope (Signed) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author
A Seed of Hope (Signed) - Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

A Seed of Hope (Signed)


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A haunting, emotional tale about the choices a young woman takes in a world full of terror and hopelessness.

Before the legend of the Jeweled Sword…

Before the power of the Green Stone was released…

Before the war between the mortals and immortals…

There was Myran. This is her tale.

Darkness has fallen in the South World, a land ruled by forces of evil and dark powers. Those who would resist live in hiding, hoping for the prophecy concerning the One to come true.

Born into a shadowed world Myran experiences her first loss when her parents are murdered before her eyes.

Adopted by the Green People she makes it her goal to hide from the woes of the world. 

As she grows older she struggles between  she discovers her actions will birth the most significant change in all of the Four Worlds.

A Seed of Hope combines rich prose and haunting emotions with elements of fantasy lore and romance.

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First Love

Content Rating

3. Romance with moderate romantic content (heavier kissing)

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Maybe she had known all along what the end would be like, what it felt like for him to walk away. The end of all that had been worked for, had finally come. She knew he was traveling into certain death, there was no doubt, yet a sharp shard of hope gleamed in her heart. Maybe he was the One after all; maybe he was the answer to all the songs the young world had poured forth in its unequivocal oppression. Maybe she had raised him to be strong enough and determined enough. But she knew she hadn't. Her love and protection were all he knew. This would be his failure; he was not built for loneliness.

As she watched his lone shadow disappear behind a hill, she reached out a hand, as if to preserve the memory. With a sudden pang, she found her way back inside and sat down heavily on one of the decrepit wooden chairs. So it was over, and now her memory took her back to the beginning of what seemed to be a dream of joy in a world determined to crush all...

A Seed of Hope (Signed)