Music that inspired the Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy
Angela J. Ford
October 15, 2020
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There are usually two things I need when writing. One is a comfortable spot to sit and the second is music.

My emotions are swayed by epic music, and if I have the right epic music, the words flow without stopping.

For the Night of the Dark Fae Series there were two soundtracks I listened to which echo the range of emotions Maeve of Carn experienced during her quest and the fallout from it.

While writing Pawn, I listened to the following:

While writing Fated and Noble, I also added in the following album.

All three books in the Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy are now available.

About the Series:

Maeve of Carn is a warrior of warriors, but she’s no hero.
Born with superhuman strength she sells her abilities to mercenaries and warlords in exchange for wealth.
Until the night of the full moon. . .
In the midst of a raid, led by the warlord she just might be falling in love with, Maeve is taken by the Dark Fae. 
After leaving her to rot in the dungeon of the damned they offer her a deal.
If she finds a divine relic rumored to have the power to break all curses.
Left with no other choice, Maeve sets off on a perilous quest, guided by the Scholar.

Click here to buy the books.


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