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Set in an immersive fantasy world with diverse creatures, twisted sorcery, powerful friendships and passionate romance, this series will delight fans of classic epic fantasy including Lord of the Rings, Mercedes Lackey and Ursula K. Le Guin.
Meet the characters

Darya the nymph

Darya, a water nymph, is chosen to find a magical remedy to save her people.

But the spell for the cure lies ashore in the Great Library of Nomadia.

Forsaking the depths, Darya begins a desperate quest to save her home, her people and everything she loves.

But her quest goes awry when she is captured by slave traders who bind her magic.

Darya - Lore of Nomadia

Araceli the Faun

Araceli the faun works in the capital city of Nomadia as a librarian.

When traveling mages leave behind a mysterious tome she becomes obsessed with it.

As she unravels the secrets of the book, it shows her how to summon a dark and devious jinn.

Nurimil the hunter

Nurimil is a legendary hunter known for his skills in procuring magical creatures and artifacts.

Unfortunately, a bounty is on his head and he’s on the run with a risky plan to secure his own freedom. A plan that becomes twisted once he lays eyes on Darya.

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Treachery of Water_ebook

Treachery of Water is fantasy adventure seeped in magic and lore featuring unusual creatures. Available July 11 on Amazon.

Treachery of Ink ebook
Treachery of Ink continues the adventures of Darya, Nurimil and Araceli. Want this book to release earlier? Visit the Battle of the Books for find out more.

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