Highlights of 2018 + Fantasy Reads you can Expect in 2019
Angela J. Ford
January 2, 2019
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Welcome to 2019. Is the New Year treating you well? 

My New Year’s Day started out around 3am with a trip to the airport and almost missing my 5:40am flight back to Nashville. I have to say there’s never a dull moment in my life. 

Each year I like to look back on the high moments of the previous year and see how far I’ve come. So without further ado, here’s the roundup. 

Highlights of 2018:

  • Enjoyed a hiking trip to Asheville, North Carolina and spent some time exploring the Smoky Mountains.
  • Published Eliesmore & the Jeweled Sword – the final book in The Four Worlds Series
  • Published the box set: The Complete Four Worlds Series Books 1-4 which became a #1 best seller in the US and UK and sold over 24,000 copies.
  • Reached #1 best seller in the following categories in the US store: Epic Fantasy, Coming of Age, Sword & Sorcery, Metaphysical & Visionary.
  • Went on an 8-day road trip to California to celebrate my 30th birthday and had my first experience glamping at Blue Sky Center.
  • Published Realm of Beasts which has one of my favorite covers and takes a step away from more traditional epic fantasy novels. 
  • Moved to a new place in Nashville and had fun furnishing it.
  • Got engaged to the love of my life which was hands down the best moment of the entire year. 
  • Spent my first Christmas away from home but got to meet my future in-laws in California and see more of Northern California including Lake Tahoe, Stinson Beach, Napa Valley and a historic gold rush site. 

It’s been an amazing year and while there have been peaks and valleys, I always make it my goal to focus on the positive. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s on the agenda for 2019. Are you ready?

Coming in 2019:

  • Legend of the Nameless One is a six book series and I’m going to try my best to release the next three books in the series this year. The stories include: Realm of Mortals, Realm of Ice and Realm of RulersRealm of Mortals should be available in February should all go according to plan. In fact, the book is finished, I’m wrapping up my self-edits and then it shall go to my editor. 
  • The Five Warriors will be available as an audiobook – however, I’m looking into recording my own audio for future audio books. I really enjoy writing my books and think it would be fantastic to read my own stories aloud. 
  • I’m currently working on my passion project: Marklus the Healer. If you’ve read The Five Warriors, you already know what happened to Marklus. But I want to dive into his tale a bit more and detail the highs and lows he experienced after the war. My goal is to have this story in your hands in March or April. April is looking more likely right now. 
  • There are a few other ideas I’m bouncing around. I have a pirate’s tale in my head, although it takes place after the last book in the Legend of the Nameless One series. I also want to tell you stories of the Under Water World People and the Udi Wars, and then there is the Creator Series. You can help me choose by leaving a comment and telling me what you’d like to hear most: Pirates, Udi Wars or the Creators. 
Personal Highlights of 2018 and Fantasy Reads you can Expect in 2019


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