New Epic Fantasy Release: Realm of Rulers (Legend of the Nameless One Book 4)
Angela J. Ford
August 20, 2020
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Ready to dive into an epic fantasy sea adventure? I had so much fun writing the fourth tale in the adventures of Citrine and Tor Lir. Since this is one of the first sea stories I’ve written, I took time to do some research by watching National Geographic and visiting an aquarium.

Life understand the sea is vast, beautiful and simply awe-inspiring. I’ve always loved sea monsters and wanted to write a story that showed both the beauty of the world under the ocean and the danger of it. Storytelling from a mortal’s perspective is tough, since we can’t exactly breath underwater, and since this is a high fantasy tale, no way is Citrine diving underwater in scuba diving gear!

Regardless of challenges, the story turned out beautiful, and as you read I hope you see the character growth, the decisions that both Citrine and Tor Lir struggle with as they come close to meeting their goals, and probably the truth you’ve seen all along as you read this series. Perhaps Citrine and Tor Lir belong together.

If you missed book one, you can learn more about the series here.

4 Realm of Rulers final front cover for preview

About the Book

A magical stone, a sea demon and treacherous love.

When Citrine and Tor Lir survive the darkness that consumed the mountains, they awaken their latent powers and realize they are falling for each other.

However, Citrine knows dark secrets about Tor Lir. Now, frighted by the truth, she needs to decide how to stop him.

But first, Citrine must fulfill a promise.

As a reward for defeating a sea demon, Citrine will earn a safe haven for her beasts.

Enlisting the help of Tor Lir, Citrine travels into the heart of the underwater world.

During their time in the depths of the watery world, they work together to unravel the mysteries surrounding those who dwell under the sea. But as Citrine discovers the depths of Tor Lir’s magic, she realizes she’s left with no choice.

If she is to save the world, she has to destroy Tor Lir.

Even though her heart doesn’t agree. . .

Where to Buy

Amazon. Also free on Kindle Unlimited.

Click here for the ebook.

Realm of Rulers – Chapter 1 Preview

Hunger flared up like the bite of a furious monster, and Citrine opened her eyes, blinking against the sudden daylight. She lay on the floor of a cave, high in the mountains, tucked under layers of fur. Exhaustion plagued her and yet she couldn’t sleep because she was ravenous.

Sitting up, she squinted against the daylight that poured into the narrow opening of the cave and glowered at it. Why was the light disturbing her rest? When all she wanted to do was forget the horror of what had happened in the Cascade Mountains. But the cold awareness of what she’d seen buzzed behind her eyes, refusing to be forgotten.

Involuntarily her fingers went to her lips, brushing them, as if she could wipe away the kiss that seared her lips.

Tor Lir. She closed her eyes and rocked back and forth. What was he? Who was he? Child of power, King of the Iaen and yet none of that. She pushed away unpleasant thoughts, namely, fear, almost weeping as she waited for sleep to claim her again. For it to take her out of her misery, her frustration, and her guilt. Guilt for being alive when they were dead. All dead. Lord Nodin. Elbron. The Frost Queen and her Fúlishités, the Tribe of Minas, the giant bear. Dead. Gone. Swallowed whole by the mountain. No. By what lay underneath the mountain, the black hole, sucking like an endless hungry mouth.

Citrine shivered, but not from cold as she forced the memories away. Please. Go away. So she could be like a bear and hide away until winter thawed into spring. Then she might face the land again.

Her stomach rumbled again and Citrine cursed, smacking the furs with a fist. Why couldn’t she have peace?

An ominous form blocked the light from the cave entrance and Tor Lir walked in, as silent as a shadow. He wore a fur around his shoulders and his black hair swept across his forehead. His green eyes were large, almost completely round in his angular face.

Citrine took a breath as twisted feelings warred within her. She wanted to reach out and touch him, his perfection, his beauty. Feel those warm lips against hers again, tinged with passion and remorse. But she also wanted to be angry with him because of what he’d done and who he might become.

Her thoughts flitted back to long ago, when she was at the land of Novor Tur-Woodberry, when all was great and good and she wished desperately for that time, before it had all been swept away because of her mistake. Even though she’d defeated the Master of the Forest, she hadn’t been able to save Novor Tur-Woodberry or his land. They were gone. Because of her. And she saw history repeat itself again. This time, she would be strong, this time she would hold on to her resolve, for she knew how to fix her problems and gain everything she ever wanted. Only, she didn’t know if she wanted it anymore.

“Citrine,” hints of reproach edged into Tor Lir’s tone. “You can’t sleep forever. We have to go forth and face the daylight.”

Citrine’s shoulder’s sagged. She bit her lower lip then met his gaze. “I know, sometimes it seems easier to hide. Do you grieve, Tor Lir? Do you have any feelings? Any emotions?” Her anger was misdirected. She knew that, but she couldn’t help but toss the words at him, to keep her tongue from saying anything else.

Tor Lir put a hand on his heart and looked down, as though he were listening. “I tried not to care. I tried to run away from the knowledge of who I am, but it caught up with me and now every time I open my eyes, the truth stares me in the face and demands I take action. Citrine.” He knelt beside her, reaching out a hand to take hers. “Citrine, I must know.”

His cheeks glowed with warmth, with light, with anticipation. Citrine allowed him to take her hand and a tingling sensation shot through her lower belly, leaving an ache, a yearning. His soulful eyes were so close to hers, his ebony head, his wide lips. She’d already tasted them and yet, she wanted his warm mouth on hers again, for it gave her an intoxicating sense of pleasure and fulfilled her secret longing to be desired by someone.

Tor Lir reached out with his free hand, a finger coming up to caress Citrine’s chin, and then lifted it so she looked directly into his emerald gaze. Her hunger for food faded into the background, instead her body buzzed with tension and lust. She craved his touch, the connection to him, even as his fingers tip-toed up the map of her face and cupped her cheek. Biting back a sob, she closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. It was warm, comforting, right.

“We should leave soon,” he said, his hushed voice like ethereal music. “You should reach out to Morag, ask where the Under Water World People dwell so we can go to them. But after we leave them, we must go to Daygone. I can’t live with shrouded knowledge, now that the truth is coming in bits and pieces, I must step into the light and fully understand. There’s more, so much more I don’t know yet, and our destinies are wrapped together. In Daygone. Will you come with me?”

Citrine’s eyes snapped open. It was the question she hoped he would never ask, but now it had been uttered aloud and he expected an answer. The pads of his thumb brushed the curves of her cheek as he implored her for an answer. In that moment she realized he would not force her but simply let her choose.

Instead of giving him an answer, she leaned forward and kissed him.


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