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Zoom Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood - Collector's Edition (Autographed)

Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood - Collector's Edition (Autographed)

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This collector's edition includes six stand-alone adult fairy tales blending fantasy action-adventure with steamy fantasy romance.

These stories can be read in a couple of hours and each one features a different, interracial couple. While the tales can be read in any order, you’ll find threads of an underlying story as you read on.

In Queen of the Wildwood, Yula, a mage with dark magic, loses her temper and makes a fatal mistake. Guided by a handsome knight, she travels into the wildwood to seek help from the evil queen.

Curse of the Healer is a Christmas-themed story about a healer who lost her magic. When she’s captured by dark creatures of the forest, she’s forced to discover the source of her curse.

Lord of the Castle is a dark Beauty and the Beast retelling with familiar whispers of the story and a beastly twist. When a shield maiden is sent to protect an exiled lord, she discovers his sinister secret and must choose between life or death.

In Heart of the Raven, Sasha (a noble woman on the run from an arranged marriage) is determined to discover the secrets to her magic. But when she’s attacked on the road, she escapes into the enchanted wildwood where she must enlist the help of a dark knight if she wishes to survive.

In Secrets of the Lore Keepers, Rae is allured by an elven prince, only to discover the creatures of the wildwood are coming to attack her land and raise the buried goddess. Rae must use her wits and magic to save her land and the prince.

In Bride of the King, Nesrin is tried of being abused by her step-mother. Using forbidden magic, she casts three wishes. But just when Nesrin is enjoying her new life, the consequences of using forbidden magic catch up with her.

What others are saying about Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood

★★★★★ “A very short read that both disturbs and leaves you wanting to know more about this world. It is a character driven story in a richly imagined world.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “I was riveted to the story and found it dark, yet enchanting and would dearly love to read further into the story of Yula and Aelbrin, my only complaint being that this was such a short story as I did not want it to end.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “It was a quick and compelling read. A dark faerie tale with a romance that didn't feel cheesy or out of place.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “Ford has packed an incredible amount of world-building into 60-odd pages without compromising that fairy tale pace. I definitely want to read more of this world!” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “It had fantasy, magic and just the right amount of steaminess.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “This story is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast in a twisted, upside down, through the looking glass sort of way. There are elements from the traditional tale, such as the whispering spirits, the scarred Lord, and the vicious mob but not in the way they are traditionally used. A story of redemption and purpose in a broken world. There is romance and it does get steamy at the end.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “This story reminded me of the beloved fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast and I am a real sucker for stories where love conquers all and this is one such story!” - Amazon Review

★★★★★ “The relationship building in this forbidden romance was truly amazing. Beautifully told story full of magic and the unexpected.” - Amazon Review

★★★★★  “I was blown away by the beauty of this tale, of magic, hope and love and the need all of us have to belong as did our two lost souls, who found one another.” - Amazon Review

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Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood - Collector's Edition (Autographed)



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