Zoom Princess of Blood & Blade.
Zoom Princess of Blood & Blade.
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Princess of Blood & Blade

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A spellbinding fantasy adventure infused with Celtic Mythology and blood magic with wild plot twists and slow burn romance. Perfect for fans of character-driven fantasy with mythical creatures, treacherous royals and mischievous immortals. Featuring an outcast princess, a dangerous goddess, a mysterious iceman and a half-demon.

Royal blood is potent. But eighteen-year-old Evie Mor is unaware of the power she carries.

Abandoned by her parents to be raised by centaurs, and unsure how to use her magic, she eagerly awaits the day she can leave the sacred forests and reunite with the humans.

However, on the morning of her departure, she learns a horrific truth that leaves her questioning her true identity.

Frustrated, but taught not to question the will of the gods, Evie travels deep into perilous lands in search of her birth mother.

Along the way she accidentally frees a dangerous goddess, befriends a mysterious iceman, and meets a magic-wielding nymph.

But threads of betrayal and corruption run deeper than Evie imagined. As she faces trials and tribulations, she questions everything she’s assumed to be true. . .

Inside the Book Box

+ Autographed paperback
+ Art Prints
+ 8oz candle
+ 11oz coffee mug (dishwasher & microwave safe)

Princess of Blood & Blade


Customer Reviews

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Stephanie BwaBwa
I loved my box!

I loved my box! The book is beautiful, I burned the candle in 3 days, and the character art is beautiful. I recommend getting the deluxe box. It’s awesome.

Jale S.
The book looks awesome

The book looks awesome (I am not done reading it quite yet), and it came with a thoughtful assortment of goodies and a personalized thank you note. My copy was unfortunately damaged some in transportation (nothing serious, but the corner got pressed in in the box and my collector heart was sad).

Wow what a story!

Wow what a story! Aofie is a human who has been living with the centaurs since her birth. On her 18th birthday she is told more information regarding her true heritage and she sets out on a quest to find her mother. Along the way she comes across Jezable, a fallen goddess, Romulus, an ice warrior, Takari, a wood nymph, and Adomos. After several trials and tribulations she continues on with her journey. I don't want to give away too much information but I had a hard time putting this book down. Angela does an outstanding job describing Labraid and the characters. I'm in awe of how she created them. I recommend this book, especially if you are into books involving quest.

lana turner
Aofie's Quest is a beautifully descriptive book written in Angela J. Ford's awesome style of writ...

Aofie's Quest is a beautifully descriptive book written in Angela J. Ford's awesome style of writing. Our young heroine seems to have her destiny cut out for her before her birth, when she was left by her birth mother to be reared by the centaurs in Beluar forest till her eighteenth birthday. She was to be trained as a warrior and when her time came to set out on a quest to save Labraid. Aofie was the daughter of Queen Ceana Mor, of the Kingdom of men which had been taken over by the Angel of death when they fled for their lives. When Aofie set out on her quest, though a tough warrior and a Princess of Labraid, she was very naïve and ill prepared for the evil she was to face in the human realm. She found out that she was the daughter of a God, her mother was dead, the Goddess of fire, Jezebel had tortured her and the Angel of death had stolen her throne. In the forest she had been cared for and protected by the mighty centaurs, but when she sets out little did she know the many pains and sufferings she would go through in her near future. However she made friends where least expected and these travelled with her to the Crystal Kingdom, Anon Loam the land of the elves where Queen Iris ruled. These trained her in the use of her magical powers and though they treated her well she stole a relic from them which everyone warned her was dangerous but which Aofie felt called to her, the red sword. Romulus, the ranger and Takari, the nymph and later on Adomos, the giant befriended her and joined her on her quest but even the former two had their own plans for Aofie. Would she never get to choose her own path for her future? Was her quest to rule her life? I love the character of our strong heroine, who no matter what would not be broken and I am dying to read further into this very thrilling and exciting new series.


Do hardcovers come with a dust jacket?

Music of the Night, Song of the Dawn and Treachery of Water all come with dust jackets. The pretty design displays underneath.

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