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Zoom Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy (Autographed Paperbacks).
Zoom Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy (Autographed Paperbacks).
Zoom Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy (Autographed Paperbacks).
Zoom Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy (Autographed Paperbacks).

Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy

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Includes all three books in the Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy. 

Note: Actual box set sleeve not included.

A day will come, when curses will be broken, the lost shall be found, the found shall be lost, and the rift between mortal and celestial will cease to exist. - Prophecy of Erinyes

Maeve of Carn is a warrior of warriors, but she’s no hero.
Born with superhuman strength she sells her abilities to mercenaries and warlords in exchange for wealth.
Until the night of the full moon. . .
In the midst of a raid, led by the warlord she just might be falling in love with, Maeve is taken by the Dark Fae. 
After leaving her to rot in the dungeon of the damned they offer her a deal.
If she finds a divine relic rumored to have the power to break all curses.
Left with no other choice, Maeve sets off on a perilous quest, guided by the Scholar.

Set in an expansive fantasy world with monsters, magic and mysteries, the Night of the Dark Fae series is an epic fantasy trilogy birthed from the mind of International Best Selling Author, Angela J. Ford. Readers who love action, adventure, romance, sword and sorcery will be held captive by this series. 

What readers are saying about the Night of the Dark Fae Series:
★★★★★ "Pawn is an amazing tale of a woman, who is a pawn of the fae and will go on a journey to discover who she is and is she willing to change."
★★★★★ "I wish I could put into better words just how much I loved this and how brilliant this is. I'm excited to have found this author and will be buying everything she's written. SO FREAKING GOOD!!!"
★★★★★ "This story contains a lot of action, twists and turns, hints of love interests, soul searching, double dealing and even some humorous moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it."
★★★★★ "A really well written tale full of glorious fantasy, fae, dragons, goblins, orcs. . ."
★★★★★ "This was a fun ride!! I absolutely loved the world building. So unique yet attainable to envision myself. From Fae, to dragons, and goblins this was an intense book!!"

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Chains rattled against iron, and somewhere in the bleak darkness a banshee screamed. Its cry, like the sound of teeth grating against metal, high and wild, sent a shiver of trepidation down the spines of those who listened. A low growl echoed through the chambers, followed by a sharp bark. A sword slid into a warm body, the hilt sinking into fur and withdrawing with a slight sucking sound. Moans were soft, aware of the coming inevitable sentencing, and doom was near for those unlucky enough to be cast into the Dungeon of the Damned. Little light poured into the blighted prison, hidden far under the fertile earth of an island and crawling with the souls of the pure and the damned.

The newest prisoner, Maeve, knelt on the uneven stone floor, aware of the grime that now stained her bruised, bare knees. When she'd arrived at this godforsaken place, the fae--her jailers--had stripped away her breastplate, sword, shield, and crown. Upon her capture, a simple golden collar had been placed around her neck. Aside from the collar, she also wore a plain, sleeveless tunic that fell to her knees, leaving her long arms and legs bare to the elements. The tunic covered the pattern of brown ink that adorned her neck, chest, and upper arms. The patterns symbolized her heritage, a lost civilization, and even Maeve, the sole survivor of her people, did not know what they meant. The destruction of her homeland, Carn, had happened only twenty-five years ago, when Maeve was five or six, but when she tried to think back, memories of her people evaded her, lost like the cool winds of winter burned away in the warmth of sunlight.

Cold air crept into her windowless cell. Stale seawater dripped off the stones, creating a pool of stagnant liquid in the corner, her only source of refreshment. A putrid smell came from it, but she knelt all the same with her hands clasped in front of her. In between sips of water, she rocked back and forth, her mane of dark hair gracing her shoulders like a halo.Maeve's lips moved as she whispered the same prayer she'd repeated every day since her imprisonment. She kept her steely blue eyes closed against the gloom, unwilling to let in the nightmarish images. Today marked her thirtieth day in the dungeon, and although the shrieks of the damned filled her with terror, she knew her time would come. She resolved to face judgement with the same determination that had carried her through every situation life had dealt her thus far.

Her capture was an accident, a fate no one could have saved her from. Not even him. The warlord she had fought and bled with. At the thought of him, she rocked faster. What had he thought when she did not appear after the raid? Did he see the jailers arrest her? And then there was the thought she pushed to the back of her mind, the desperate wish that she had not argued with him, that their last words had been on kinder terms. He would have known something was wrong when she did not show up, but would he assume it was because of their argument, not a situation out of her control? Unless . . . no. She did not want to think it, but the cold, damp, and loneliness pressed in, and she couldn't keep the horrific thought from invading her mind. Had he wanted the fae to take her and lock her away?The jangling of keys grew louder until they were thrust in the lock of Maeve's cell. A bead of sweat trickled down her forehead and splashed onto a scarred stone. The muscles of her arms trembled as the eerie squeak of iron made her cringe. She remained in position, staring at the floor as the shadow fell over her.

"Get up," barked the rough voice of a jailer.
"Hands behind your back. Don't try anything if you want to avoid the stocks."

Maeve took a deep breath, counting. They'd half-starved her and kept her locked up for thirty days, hoping to break her. But they hadn't, and the time had come to act. Another drop of sweat followed the path of the first and slid between her eyes to hang precariously on the edge of her nose. In one fluid motion, Maeve pushed off her heels and balanced on her hands, then swung her feet high over her head and slammed them into the neck of the jailer.The assault took him by surprise and he fell with a shout. His hand fumbled for his belt as he stood, seeking the short metal rod with the glowing ember at the tip that burned the prisoners and brought them to submission, but Maeve was faster. She allowed her momentum to carry her through until she was back on her feet, upright. She kicked out at the jailer's thigh, then brought her knee up hard between his legs. He gave a muffled cry and collapsed to the floor again, holding his groin and swearing.

Keys clanged against the stones, but the jailer held them tight as he whimpered and then shouted, "Help! She's escaping! Catch her!"
Footsteps echoed off the walls. If she did not act quickly, she would be caught and locked up again.
Maeve placed her bare foot on the jailer's wrist and pressed down until his fingers came open and the keys fell free. Panic clawed up her throat as she bent to snatch them; they were warm and slippery from his sweaty hands. She made a face and leaped over the prone jailer just as a shock crackled through her right leg.

She spun, hair flying over one shoulder. The jailer sneered through his agony. He'd driven the rod into her calf, and a burning sensation had bolted across her skin like a hot knife being dragged up her leg. Gritting her teeth against the shriek in her throat, Maeve lashed out with the keys, dragging them across the jailer's face.

He screamed and dropped the rod as he pressed his hands against his cheek to stop the crimson flow that trickled down his chin.

Maeve darted out of the open cell, dragging her burning leg behind her. A whip slammed into her and ripped open the back of her shift with its teeth.


strong female lead
mythical creatures
magical weapons

Content Rating

6. Romance with stronger content (on page sex & tame descriptions)

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Night of the Dark Fae Trilogy

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