012: The Unicorn & the Woman – The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
February 28, 2020
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Another Friday, another chapter of Wisperwood! Last week the choice was made to be nosy and eavesdrop on the unicorn.. here’s where that leads!

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“You’re back already?” The whispered question rang with frustration. 

Aurane inched closer and peered around the corner. 

The woman and unicorn stood with their backs to her, voices low, but the echoes of the stones carried their words to Aurane’s ears. 

“The task did not go as planned. An elf showed up and returned the stones to the trolls.”

“An elf?” The women interrupted. “Why would an elf be in that part of the wood? It’s dangerous.” 

The unicorn snorted with disdain. “Lost on her way here, I’m sure.” 

“It doesn’t matter,” the woman waved a hand. “Go on.”

“I had no choice but to return here, otherwise they would have become suspicious. Should I go back or try again?” 

“Hush,” the women spoke sharply. “Not here, someone could hear us.”

“The usual place and time then?” 

“Yes, I will go see about the elf.” 

Aurane pulled back before she was seen and moved in the opposite direction toward the staircase, her heart hammering in her throat. What were the woman and the unicorn planning? Why did it seem dark and suspicious? Her earlier fears regarding the unicorn returned. What if the unicorn was helping her enemies? 

She puzzled as she walked up the curving staircase and landed in a large hall. There were rooms off of it and it was eerily quiet. Torchlight lit up the hall and, at a loss of what to do, Aurane walked down it, her footsteps echoing off stone. 

When she reached the end of the hall, it opened up into an oval room. A window in a corner let in the daylight which lit up part of the room. The rest was cast in shadow, including a desk with a stack of scrolls on it. Ink and paper were scattered across the desk, along with candle stubs. There was one upright and lit, allowing the person who sat behind the desk to read an open scroll. The person held a quill and muttered low words. 

Aurane paused in the doorway. “Master Wickem?”

The person paused, looked up, and light fell on his face. 

He was a wizard, perhaps still in his younger days, for his beard was a rich brown and while wisdom shone out of his eyes, they were bright with life instead of foggy with old age. He wore simple garb and nodded at Aurane’s question as he put down his quill.  “Ah yes, I am Wickem. You must be a new recruit.” 

Aurane nodded. “I am Aurane the elf of the Eternal River.” 

Master Wickem stood and bowed. “Welcome to the castle of the Protectors of the Forest.”

Aurane bowed back, immediately liking Master Wickem.

“Tell me, Aurane, why have you come here?” 

Aurane quickly related her journey, seeing the darkness covering the trees and her desire to help. She offered her skills as an alchemist and when she finished, Master Wickem nodded. 

“Come with me,” he beckoned and led her over to a shadowy corner of the room.  

On a pedestal about waist high was a round object with what looked like a clearish liquid inside. 

“Tell me, what do you see inside?” Wickem asked. 

Aurane looks and sees:

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