Night of the Dark Fae

Features a female lead and includes dragons, fae, orc, goblins and more.

Legend of the Nameless One

Follow the adventures of an enchantress, a wizard, a sarcastic dragon and other mythical beasts. 

Tales of the Enchanted Wildwood

Adult fantasy romance short stories 

Queen of the Wildwood - ebook artwork v2
Curse of the Healer
Lord of the Castle
Lord of the Castle
Lord of the Castle
Bride of the Gypsy King

The Four Worlds Series

A classic epic fantasy series with swords, sorcery, mortals, immortals. . . 

Tales of the Four Worlds

Stand-alone stories which take place in the Four Worlds

Lore of Nomadia


The saga of an alluring nymph, a curious librarian, a renowned hunter and a mad sorceress as they seek to save—or destroy—the empire of Nomadia.

Treachery of Water_ebook

Tower Knights

Stand-alone, steamy fantasy romance. 

Music of the Night

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