Behind the Symbolism in Realm of Mortals: An Epic Fantasy Adventure
Angela J. Ford
February 20, 2019
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I remember the first time I fell in love with beautiful prose and vivid descriptions. While I’ve always had a preference for fantasy, once I discovered the work of Patricia A. McKillip and Juliet Marillier, I was enthralled.

Books like Wildwood DancingThe Forgotten Beasts of Eld and Daughter of the Forestswept me away to new worlds where magical beings came out of the shadows to help and harm. The people of the land were forced to use their wits to survive and nature played an important role in the survival of all. 

Sometimes when I was out hiking, I imagined I saw a sprite peeking around a tree, or a dragon camouflaging its true shape in the form of a lizard. The song of the elves hummed in the treetops and if I stepped into the right place, I’d be transported to their magical world. 

Whether or not those tales ring true, I found a way to enjoy it all by first, reading, and then, writing. I am honored you’ve joined me in this journey, and I’m pleased to announced Realm of Mortals is now available for 99 cents!

Realm of Mortals: Legend of the Nameless One Book 2. 

2 Realm of Mortals final front cover for preview

A reluctant wizard. A desperate peasant. A greedy Enchantress. Full of vibrant imagery and heart-pounding tension, you don’t want to miss this gripping adventure.

Get it now for 99 cents!

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Behind the Symbolism

Realm of Mortals is full of shadowy suspense and vague references to heroes of old, heroes readers of The Complete Four Worlds Series are well familiar with.

Once again, Citrine and Tor Lir star on the front cover. And. Once again. They have their backs to the audience.

This is intentional because they have yet to step into their full powers. Both of them are too willing to poke their noses into others business, focus on chaos, and otherwise ignore the tiny voice that is prodding them about who and what they are.

They also have their backs turned because Citrine and Tor Lir both have a rather flat character arc throughout the story. Citrine has a better handle on her temper and Tor Lir is starting to open up a bit more, but he also falls into old habits.

As the saying goes, old habits die hard.

Meanwhile, a new character with a full character arc is introduced. Zilpha the peasant. The story has a heavier focus on her because her actions have a key part to play in the tale. Plus I hope you’ll enjoy the choices she is presented with and how she responded because of the pressure she feels.

All things said, this was a delightful story to write, and the very last of the light-hearted adventures. From here on out, the tension grows.

In the meantime enjoy a preview from Realm of Mortals:

A noise woke Zilpha. She sat up in bed, pulling the covers to her chest, heart pounding as she listened. Her fingers reached up to the shell necklace around her neck, pulling it back and forth as she peered into the inky blackness. Was it Bram coming home? But it was much too late for that. Wasn’t it? She wished the moonlight would come out from behind a cloud so she could see inside her hut. She’d left the flint near the fireplace, and if she padded across the floor, she could retrieve it and light a candle. But it was much too cold for that. Even though it was not yet winter, the temperature at night cooled, leaving her shivering in her thin shift, thankful for the wool blanket that covered her bed. 

The sound came again—a scratch, like two objects striking each other. Her heart thudded in her chest and she leaned over, to reach for the candle, hoping it would be a suitable weapon. An orange glow flickered from the other room. Candlelight. Someone was in the house. Breathless, she snatched the candle from the floor and scanned the blackness of the room, searching for somewhere to hide. But it was too late. A shadow entered her room. 

A dark cloak covered the figure, but through the clothing Zilpha could make out a male. The dancing candlelight—heedless of danger—showed off his amber eyes, deep set in a smooth-shaven face. Zilpha covered her mouth with her hand, smothering her scream into a high squeak of terror. The amber eyes glowed at her as the male glided up to her bed, perching on the foot of it and overwhelming her with his woody scent. 

“I know you have it,” the deep voice all but growled at her, sending shivers down her spine. 

Zilpha dropped the candle. It rolled into the floor with a thump. “What are you doing in my home? Who are you? Get out!”

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Looking for an autographed paperback? Click here.


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