013: Dwarf or Centaur – The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
March 15, 2020
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A bit late posting this.. but things have been a little hectic the past week or so. I hope everyone is staying safe but still finding time and opportunities to enjoy life!

Let’s do the next portion of Wisperwood! Aurane was left peering into a ball and it was voted that she saw scorched earth. What does this mean?

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Aurane leaned over the table and studied the magical object. The liquid swirled, twirled, and then cleared before her eyes. A patch of land appeared covered with broken brambles, black vines, and dead, shriveled trees. A cold sensation went through Aurane as she studied it. 

“It’s dead,” she gasped. “What is this?” 

Master Wickem lightly touched the glowing ball with a finger. “This is the wizard’s window. It shows us what is happening across Wisperwood, and this is the edge of the forest. You can see how the earth is scorched. Something has destroyed it, but not just something but someone.” 

Aurane tore her eyes away from the scorched earth. “Do you know what is happening here?” 

Master Wickem turned away and paced the length of the room. “Wisperwood has been cursed by an evil sorceress. We assume she quietly infiltrated Wisperwood, planted a curse, and now our land will die unless we can stop her.” 

“What can I do to help?” Aurane asked, lifting her chin. 

“You are skilled with alchemy?” Master Wickem lifted an eyebrow. 

“Yes, I can mix potions.” 

“Hum. . .there might be some use for you. When we first heard of the darkness creeping through Wisperwood, we sent out spies. They discovered the sorceress and her minions. Although, unless we are blind, there are not very many of them. I am putting together a group to go out to fight her minions. We need to make them come out of hiding. As soon as we expose them, our warriors will slay them. We hope to find a weak willed one to capture, who will give us information that will lead to the lair of the sorceress.” 

“I would like to be part of the team,” Aurane offered.

Pausing, Master Wickem examined her and frowned. “It takes determination to find the Protectors of the Forest, but from here on out, you will leave the safety of what you know, you will travel with a small group, and you will need to be quick on your feet and think strategically. You might be asked to fight. Are these things you will do?” 

Aurane thought of her home over the Eternal River and the darkness seeping into the tree roots. She thought of her people and how their home would be swept away by death. Finally, she thought of all the adventures she’d had and nodded. “Aye. I will do what it takes.” 

“Good!” Master Wickem clasped his hands together. “Come, you will meet the squad. There are many volunteers, and we are sending out several groups to find the sorceress. You will travel northwest, toward the scorched lands, but beware, aside from the sorceress, there are many other creatures in the forest who may wish you harm.” 

Aurane’s thoughts went to the witch and the trolls. “I am aware,” she shrugged. 

“Supplies are being prepared now. Come, I will introduce you to the two others you will travel with. They are both warriors but will need your alchemy skills for healing and for creating poison and bombs to root out the enemy.” 

Master Wickem continued to talk, but Aurane tuned him out as she followed. Poison? Bombs? She used her skills for healing, not harming, although it did not seem she had a choice.

They moved further into the fortress until they came to a busy room where people moved around. There were elves, humans, minotaurs, and the unicorn who had come through the portal with Aurane. 

“Ah,” Master Wickem weaved through the crowd toward the unicorn. “I have another member for your team!” 

The unicorn looked up, and standing beside him was another creature dressed in full armor. 

Aurane hesitated as she realized her traveling companions were the unicorn and a. . . 

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