010: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
January 1, 2020
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The season finale of Wisperwood is here. Aurane ran into a wild unicorn, here’s what happens next!

A white unicorn stood just beneath the archway of runes. Thick white hair covered its legs, and its mane and tail were tangled with brambles. It was the horn that caught Aurane’s eyes, shooting out from its forehead, sharp and pointed like a weapon. Aurane’s hand went to her throat, but no words escaped from her mouth. It was a unicorn. A wild unicorn!

They were rare, magical beasts but dangerous. Aurane had heard tales of them being more likely to harm than help. Where there was bloodshed, unicorns were often nearby. 

“Halt there,” the unicorn demanded, rearing up on its hind legs while its front hooves pawed the air. 

Aurane gave a scream of terror and ducked. “Please, don’t harm me!”

The unicorn trotted up to her, nostrils flaring.

Aurane’s breath caught and her fingers trembled as she forced herself to stand up straight. “What do you want with me?” 

The unicorn snorted. “You carry something which does not belong to you.” 

The stones?

“I can explain. They were bound to me by a witch…” Aurane protested. 

“They belong to the trolls,” the unicorn interrupted. 

“I came to return them…” Aurane trailed off.

The unicorn walked behind her and its horn touched her shoulder. “You will walk under the archway into the crystal haven of the trolls. ” 

Aurane hesitated for a moment, but she intended to return the stones to the trolls. Squaring her shoulders, she walked toward the archway, her eyes roaming over the archaic runes on the stone. When she passed under it, something like heat blew over her, and an odd smell filled the air. 


They ranged from six to eight feet tall, some with sagging, wrinkled skin and others with overhanging bellies. Each one had two horns on their heads and various spiked weapons littered the ground. 

Behind the trolls were the walls of the crystal haven, sloping up the sides of a stone mountain where crystal stones glimmered in the low light. 

When Aurane walked up the trolls stopped and stared at her with disgust on their face. 

Aurane swallowed hard and tried to fight the impulse to flee. She looked down to the fox for comfort, but it was gone. Had it fled when they met the unicorn?

One of the trolls made a low growling sound, raised a spiked club and rushed toward her. 

“Wait!” Aurane shrieked. Her fingers fumbled and she held out her hands. “I have found your stolen stones, and I have come to return them.” 

The troll lowered its club. 

Slowly, so as not to frighten them, she pulled out the stones and one by one placed them on the ground and backed away. 

One of the trolls walked up to her and pointed at the stones. “Where did you find our treasure?” 

Aurane quickly related her encounter with the witch and the trolls listened, grunting occasionally. 

“She has tricked us more than once,” one of the trolls said. “We offer you a boon as thanks for returning what is ours. If you wish to go to the Protectors of the Forest, we can transport you there.” 

A surge of hope went through Aurane. As fearsome as the unicorn ands the trolls were, they would help her more than the witch did. 

“Thank you,” she whispered. 

The trolls stepped back and began to chat. The stones glowed, a swirl of bright colors, pink and purple until a whirlpool opened up. 

A portal to the Protectors of the Forest. 

Aurane couldn’t help but think the witch had done her a favor after all. She took a step and her foot sank into the light. 

And then something bowled into her and she was falling, crashing through the portal, and the last thing she saw was the unicorn tumbling through with her, and then the world went white. 

When Aurane woke she saw:

A ruined castle or an endless cave where the Protectors of the Forest live.

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  1. Monica

    A ruined castle

  2. Nancy

    a ruined castle

  3. Roberta Partridge

    A ruined castle

  4. John Barnes

    An endless cave


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