009: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
December 13, 2019
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Aurane choose to go deeper into the woods instead of going into the witch’s house. Did she make the right choice? Vote for what she discovers next.

The fox, which had been quiet throughout the process, whimpered as Aurane considered her options. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. If she went into the witch’s house, she’d find out more about what was happening in Wisperwood. Perhaps even who was behind it, but she was setting herself up to be tricked again by the witch. How did she know if the witch would tell her the truth or put another spell on her? It would be best to run into the woods and take her chances with the trolls. 

She shivered, uncomfortable with her fate. She knew nothing about trolls or how ruthless they might be when they found someone whom they thought had stolen their stones. She needed to find a way to explain that it wasn’t her fault. 

The fox gave a sharp bark, pulling Aurane out of her thoughts. The witch stood still, eyes slightly narrowed, watching her. “Come to my house,” she said, “the woods are no place for a naive forest elf.” 

Aurane lifted her chin. “Enough with your tricks. I will take my chances in the forest. After all, this wood is my home too.” 

The witch laughed as though Aurane had just told her a joke. “Ha! You, in the forest? It will be your death. I’m not that dangerous and it was easy to trick you.” 

“True, but I’d rather be tricked than walk around with malice in my heart. I will take these stones back to the trolls and tell them what happened. And then I will continue to the Protectors of the Forest and find out the truth about Wisperwood.” 

“Do what you wish,” the witch backed away toward a tree. The mirth was gone from her lips and she pointed down the dark road. “Watch out for trolls, they are not kind, and the Protectors of the Forest are not who you think they are. Wisperwood has many secrets, perhaps the forest deserves the curse.” 

The fox barked again and brushed its tail against Aurane’s legs. She looked down at it. “You’re right, let’s go.” 

They set off in a run down the path, away from the witch and her tricks. Time passed slowly and the darkness of the wood made it feel like night. 

The air was dense, moldy, wet, almost rank as they traveled and the trees were thick, letting in little light. 

The bravery Aurane had felt when confronting the witch faded away into discomfort and fear. Who was she to travel into the woods to face angry trolls? What had she left the safety of home? Who was she, a little elf to try to fix the problems of Wisperwood? 

Her footsteps slowed from a run into a walk. The fox trotted quietly beside her and a mist hovered above their heads, like a monster following them. 

Heart beating hard in her throat, Aurane crept forward as if she were on the doorstep of a sleeping giant. Suddenly she saw a stone archway covered with runes. But the creatures that stood in front of it made her blood freeze.

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  1. Jackie

    A Wild Unicorn

    • Lydia Francis

      Trolls please

      • Angela J. Ford

        I like it! Thanks for voting!

        • Corina

          Wild Unicorns all the way!! 🙂

    • patricia

      unicorns are my favorite

  2. d

    if her blood froze then of course I expect a troll/meanwhile, without context, isn’t the answer always unicorns?

  3. Helen Pressley

    The unicorn! I am not fond of trolls and you can always make the unicorn very narcissistic.

  4. Dorn

    Would almost have to be a troll.

  5. Roberta Partridge

    wild unicorn

    • Cherie

      Well with the creatures in front of the stone archway made her blood freeze could not possible be unicorns and not necessarily a troll so my vote would be a unitroll. My vote is a troll😁😁😁

  6. carissa fairchild

    A wild unicorn

  7. Helen R. Robare

    Trolls. But I would love to read that they weren’t what she expected. Sometimes Unicorns AREN’T good and Trolls AREN’T evil. 😉

  8. judy



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