006: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
November 15, 2019
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Happy Friday everyone! After a nice week getting things organized and under control over here in the new house, we are all set for the next installment of The Curse of Wisperwood!

When we left off two weeks ago Aurane had fallen down a steep hill, to escape the pursuing cursed tree, and had found herself… on a dark path. Let the story continue 😏

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Chapter 6

A dark path lay before her, covered with twisted trees branches, interlocking together to shut out the filtered daylight that typically poured through the forest. Aurane stared, a sensation of dread creeping up her throat to twist her words into silence.

“What is this place?” She whispered to the fox who stood with its ears pinned back and tail dragging on the ground. 

“I don’t know, something dangerous,” the fox replied. 

Aurane swallowed hard and summoned her courage. “I wonder if it has something to do with the forest, the reason why it’s turning black and creatures are dying. The blessing of eternal life has been withdrawn from Wisperwood, but why? Maybe the path will reveal answers.” 

The fox gave a sharp bark. “What if there are more those corrupted trees wandering about?” 

“What if. . .there are many dangers here in the wood, to avoid them all one would have to stay at home. Even when the trees were healthy there have always been unfriendly species.” 

The fox bared its teeth but said nothing more. 

Aurane looked around. The hill she’d fallen down was steep and leaving only one option, to go down the dark path. 

Despite how dark and unfriendly it looked, she picked up her staff in one hand and walked toward it. 

As soon as she stepped under the boughs of the trees, sound faded into a sullen silence that even the wind could not penetrate. 

The air turned musty, almost damp and yet rotten, like a bough. 

Aurane was just beginning to regret her decision when she saw a vague shape step out from behind a tree. . .

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