005: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
November 1, 2019
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It’s Friday so you know what that means.. Wisperwood! Over the past week the votes were tallied and the winner for what Aurane and the fox were attacked by was… the corrupted tree! What’s next I wonder?

The Curse of Wisperwood – Chapter 5

Aurane stared in astonishment as what she was seeing while the fox gave a sharp bark of terror and dashed into the underbrush. Leaves shook and tree limbs trembled as the thing materialized, towering high above Aurane and swinging a long branch-like arm toward her head.

She ducked just in time to avoid being flattened by what looked like a tree come to life. It was brown as an oak tree with an intricate layer of branches and roots making up its body. It walked on two legs like elves and human-kind, yet its head was strange. The nose was flat and there were dark, gaping holes for eyes.

Shuddering, Aurane stood still for a moment, unsure whether to flee or flight. But another swing of the giant arm knocked her flat on her back. Aurane struggled to breathe as she sat up, but the monster had seen her. Those soulless black eyes gazed at her and the arms came up for another blow. Aurane scrambled to her feet and ran. Dead leaves kicked up behind her and tree branches snapped as she heard the monster give chase.Heart thudding her ears, Aurane ran for her life scarcely daring to believe that a tree was after her. A corrupted tree! She’s heard that the trees could walk among the forest. She’d considered going to the grove to speak with one, for trees were known for their wisdom. The fact that the evil spreading through the forest was affecting the trees terrified her.

The road dipped and curved, leading down into a valley. Aurane tripped over a tree went fell, tumbling down a hill among a flurry of broken tree branches and damp leaves.

When at last she came to a stop, bruised, out of breath and with wet leaves sticking to her hair, it was silent.

She took in her surroundings. The corrupted tree had disappeared, and after a few moments she heard a rustling.

The fox was back, head lowered and sheepishly brushing its red tail against the ground.

“Look where we are,” it said, its voice barely above a whisper.
Aurane turned in the direction the fox was looking and saw…

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  1. Kara Theriault

    A Dark Path!

      • Jane GREEN

        A creaky bridge as she just had an encounter with a tree; I’d like to see a twist in the tale!

        • Angela J. Ford

          Woohoo! A twist is coming right up. I actually just got a really cool idea!

  2. Angie Rhodes

    A dark path

  3. Helen Pressley

    Just have to be different; creaky bridge!


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