Happy Friday! It is time for the next piece of our story, The Curse of Wisperwood. This past week you have been given a decision on if Aurane came across a fox or an eagle. The winner is… fox! Ensure you read the next chapter and make a vote on the next choice. If you have missed out or want to go back and reread any part of the story you can do so at the link below 😄

Now, let’s see what happens…
The Curse of Wisperwood- Chapter 4

Aurane saw a red fox with the most beautiful coat of fur she’d ever seen. Most of the animals in the Wisperwood were talking animals, known for their unique quirks. Foxes were known to be cunning, but this one gave short barks and whimpered in pain as it limped toward her.
“Please,” it wheezed. “You have to help.”

Aurane knelt by the bank and pulled out her bag of herbs. “Let me help ease your pain while you tell me about your problem.”

The fox sat on its haunches and lifted a paw where a thick thorn stuck out.

“This will hurt,” Aurane warned the fox as she set to work.

“I’ve been traveling for miles,” the fox panted. “I came up from the south, fleeing for my life. Dark creatures invaded the woodlands. They looked like wolves with thick fur, dark fangs and red eyes. They killed everything in sight. Something terrible like this has never happened in Wisperwood history. Can you help?”

Aurane’s fingers moved quickly as she listened. After removing the thorn, she bound the fox’s paw. “I’m on my way to visit the Protectors of the Forest. Perhaps you should come with me and plead your case, surely they will know what to do.”

The fox considered her offer. “Well met, I shall journey with you to the Protectors of the Forest.”

Aurane and the fox followed the river for a few days until they reached a path that forked off, deeper into the woods. The trees fell silent in that area, and the song of the river faded away. A moody silence hung over the path and with each step Aurane wondered whether she should turn around and return to the river. But the fox padded silently along beside her, bushy tail wagging back and forth. Its limp had faded because of the potions Aurane had given it and it trotted along, nose down, sniffing.

“There’s something foul out there,” the fox warned Aurane.

Aurane slowed to a stop. “Which direction is it coming from?” She whispered.

Suddenly there was a growl, and they were attacked by…

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