003: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
October 18, 2019
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The votes have been cast and the decision made. Aurane will use her gift in alchemy to focus on healing the people of the forest instead of harming those responsible for the curse. Let’s continue the story! 😄✏️

Aurane tilted her head and considering the elder’s words. “I will use my potions to heal. It is not in my nature to harm others.” 

For a moment the elder said nothing. His dark eyes stared at her as though he were examining her soul. Finally, he let out a sigh. “Ah, Aurane, you are kind-hearted, which is valuable. But do not let your kindness blind you. We do not have enough information yet, but when we find those who cursed our home, Wisperwood forest, it will be all out war. There is a place for kindness and mercy but don’t allow your soft heart to allow you to become a pawn of the enemy. Stay alert and be aware of tricks. Above all, trust the warnings of your heart. You are gifted, but we have never been faced with a foe like this present darkness.”

Aurane bowed her head, silently wondering if the elder would have given her the same stern warning if she had chosen to harm her enemies. 

“The warriors of our settlement have gone forth to protect our haven, however, I would like for you to travel to the Protectors of the Forest in the west. Your skills might be of use to them. Keep close to the river as your journey and be alert, we do not know what dark things have awoken or invaded the forest.” 

“I shall go now,” Aurane told him. 

The elder pressed his hand together. “May the Eternal River guide your steps.” 

Aurane left the gathering and returned home. As she packed a bag and took up her staff, music drifted to her pointed ears. It was the elves, their voices lifted in a song of hope for the salvation of the forest. Their words drifted to her as she left the settlement. After crossing the bridge of mud and vine she turned back one last time to cast a wistful look at the settlement floating above the river. The wind stirred, sending a cascade of white blossoms across her path, a sign of hope.

Pointing her footsteps east, she walked alongside the riverbank. At first the journey was pleasant, occasionally she saw other elves and waved to them as they went about their duties. The forest was peaceful, as though nothing were wrong, and the soothing voice of the river gave her a hazy sense of relaxation. It was easy to drift away, and daydream, and then she heard a cry, sharp and high. 

She jumped, heart thudding in her chest so hard she was unsure whether she should run or prepare to fight. The cry came again and her hand went to her back, pulling off the long staff she carried. She tip-toed forward, eyes wide, and saw. . . 

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    A cunning fox!

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    A Cunning Fox 🤫🤫🤫


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