002: The Curse of Wisperwood
Angela J. Ford
October 11, 2019
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It’s Friday again, which means the next installment of our new social story #TheCurseofWisperwood! Last week’s votes are in and you all chose Aurane the Forest Elf to be the hero of Wisperwood 😄 let’s see what unfolds and which decision you will be faced with that will alter the story’s course…

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Aurane the elf stood on the shore of the Eternal River, staring in horror at the dark rot that crept up the tree roots like spider webs. The trees were ancient. Hundreds, nay, thousands of years old with their roots thick, gnarled, and strong from drinking in the sweet waters of the Eternal River. The darkness choked the trees like vines that were eating them alive. 

Aurane’s fingers trembled as they went to her bag of potions. Was there something she could make to help the trees? 

The council would want word of this. Perhaps they were devising a plan and her abilities could assist in their next actions. Stepping out of the river, she ran to the bridge that granted access to the domain of the elves. 

The tribe of elves that dwelt near the river were akin to the water nymphs and had built their tribe over the sacred waters. Vines and mud created the unique buildings that floated above the river. Two bridges on either side of the river were guarded day and night, protecting the Elven territory from the hostile species that dwelt in the forest. 

As an alchemist, Aurane’s abilities were honored among the elves and granted her unfettered access to enter and leave the settlement at will. The elves had no true leadership believing that ultimate power in the hands of a few led to corruption. Instead, the elves were ruled by a council and matters presented and voted on. 

Aurane went through the intricate network of vines and mud to the center of the settlement. Murmurs and low cries of distress filled the air. The elves had seen; they knew about the trees and the dark rot that crept nearer and nearer. 

Silver trumpets sounded, like the call of a bird, high-pitched and beckoning. The summoning of the council. The elves of the settlement moved toward the gathering, their long ears twitching and purple skin aglow with fright. Nothing had tilted the balance between nature and the elves in a thousand years, and now they faced a threat they knew nothing about. 

The council met in a circle which symbolized a whirlpool. If one stood at the top, they could look down at each layer of steps and mud. The elves took their seats on the higher levels, while at the bottom sat the twelve elders—both male and female elves—who presided over it. 

Aurane listened as the elders asked for volunteers to seek information. Did the dark rot spread beyond the land of the elves to the many species that lived within Wisperwood? Who would visit the Protectors of the Forest and ask for their guidance? 

Aurane waited, watching as they gave the warriors instructions and advised the people not to panic. After they dismissed the council, she stepped inside the circle of elders. 

“What about me? I have skills and abilities. I want to help.”

“Duly noted, Alchemist Aurane,” one elder bowed his head. He had smooth white hair that flowed to his waist and wore a silver robe that swept the ground. “We could use your abilities in a time like this when it seems the world has discovered our haven and invisible forces attack. You have done well in your alchemy studies, but you must choose. Will you use your abilities to heal the people of forest or hurt those who are behind this darkness? Both are needed, but the ultimate choice is up to you. Think on it and report back to me.”

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  1. Nancy Pillot

    heal the forest

    • Angela J. Ford

      awesome – thanks for voting!

  2. stumcc2

    Heal some Forrest

    • Angela J. Ford

      Thanks for voting! Aurane is using her powers for healing. Read on to find out what happens!


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